Occupy the Installation

By Grayson Earle

Project Description
Occupy The Installation uses the body as an interface to gamify the revolutionary movement taking place on Wall Street in various cities across the globe. OTI focuses on the early days of the occupation, when our goal as simply to be heard through what we felt was a media blackout. What did it take to break through to the mainstream media? It took collaboration and underground media tactics to create a force that could not be ignored. Some of the struggles we overcame, such as the police targeting activists with cameras, and the press ignoring the barricaded capitol of global finance in New York City, are demonstrated in this interactive game.

Grayson Earle Has been programming computers since 1996 but no one told him it was cool until six months ago. Since then, he has been been following in the footsteps of creatives like Camille Utterback who really nailed the body-as-an-interface idea He’s been experimenting with. His ultimate goal is to figure a way to bring together street art and physical computing.

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