Look at You

By Dahye Lee: IMA 790.00 Independent Study joins iART

Project Description
Look At You is a multimedia installation that allows people to raise awareness of concealed cameras because we are constantly under close watch by public surveillance or private persons´ cameras whether we notice it or not, which invades privacy. For this project, a participant is recorded without notification and projected on the mirror while isolating in a confined space only with the small mirror. The participant can have a chance to think about hidden cameras around them, as well as they can find new aspects of themselves they might not recognize before.

Dahye Lee is an interactive designer. She holds a BFA degree in Digital Media Design, from Hongik University in Korea. Upon graduation, Lee moved to the United States for IMA, graduate school. Her previous works focused mainly on flash animation and web based graphic designs, but her range of work has expended to film, editing and multimedia installation. Lee is interested in interactive installation, experimental graphic design and motion graphics.

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