Erasing Poverty

By OluSeyi Olutoyin Adebanjo

Project Description
Erasing Poverty is an interactive new media installation that looks at society’s definition of poverty and affluence with an informed view on how white supremacy/ privilege and capitalism shape People of Color. It’s an installation that tests the notion of “making it”. Participants see projected images on the screen, with music and interviews played as they move on the dance floor. Through movements participants will control the images they see and the rate at which they see them. Happy dancing. Make sure you shuck and jive well to make it!

Currently OluSeyi Olutoyin Adebanjo is attending the Integrated Media Arts Graduate Program at Hunter College to receive a Masters of Fine Arts. Toyin was born in Lagos, Nigeria and emigrated to the U.S where their interest for art as activism began. Toyin’s tools are digital video and photography. Toyin is a graduate of the University of Minnesota receiving a degree in African Studies. Toyin has been a community organizer since 1995 working in such communities as Minneapolis, MN, South Central LA, Long Beach, CA and New York City. Toyin has worked with communities of color around issues of immigration, violence against womyn, homophobia, police brutality, health care, and educational justice. Toyin uses skills in filmmaking, community organizing, spirituality, and cultural practices to direct a womyn of color non-profit organization in the South Bronx. Casa Atabex Ache’- The House of Womyn’s Power empowers young and adult womyn of color to reclaim their lives, heal from trauma and become leaders and activist to end violence against womyn. Toyin uses media as a tool to bridge spirituality and social justice.

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