By Alexis N. Zamora

Project Description
Contactos is an interactive video based project that was built using the jitter functions in MAX/MSP software. The title of this project alludes to its basic functionality; that of making one aware of the continuous contacts that the human body has once outside the coziness of home. Humans are constantly coming to proximity with various people and elements, ranging from animals, to trash, germs etc. In our current fast pace lives, people do not stop by to think more carefully about the environmental, social and economic circumstances of the people or stuff they come in contact with. i.e. that the humongous amounts of littered trash we dump in a day can lead to a sanitary or environmental emergency. Therefore, Contactos is an interactive 3D environment in which one can see, contemplate, and manipulate the elements that one normally finds and ignores in the amidst of our consumerist society.

Alexis N. Zamora is an undergraduate student, majoring in Media and Studio Art at the Hunter College. Her work and interests range from traditional to digital artistic mediums of expression. Alexis has worked with photography, drawing, web & game programming, and 3D computer graphics. The latter using Maya and Cinema 4D software. Her goal is to become a 3-D animator/modeler.

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