Career Development Center: In a Very Totalitarian State

By Ching Yip

Project Description
The key theme of my project is control. In my project, the ID cube serves as the key and also the lock. The cube restricts the user to see only the information the creator wants the user to see, and play only the game that the creator allows him to play. In my project, information and interaction are controlled, and two people of different race have no way to access the information available to the other. My project pitches a possible future in which technology is used to keep us ignorant. As our technology becomes more and more sophisticate, will we use it to segregate the human race, or will we use it to bring us together? Will we use it to control the flow of information, and make our people servants? As we approach technological perfection, the idea of fair and ethical technology must never slip our mind. Technology are designed for the betterment of the human race, and therefore, Career Development Center: In A Very Totalitarian State is a future we must never allow.

Ching Yip is a new media student at Hunter College. Rebellious and daring, Ching Yip was the product of the age of Internet, an era in which the concept of identity becomes increasingly elusive. Ever since Yip joined Hunter College, he grew interest in the field of new media, and spent his days pondering what the new age of information and misinformation mean for people.

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