Ball Drop

By Joanne Cheung & Gloria To

Project Description
The concept of our project is an interactive game that tests your reaction time. It’s a two-player tournament, in which the players compete against each other to see who has the faster reaction time. The game will be projected on a screen to attract an audience that can see the game being played. In that way, the audience may become engaged and involve themselves in the game. We will use a freestanding projection screen. We will also play some music to attract attention from potential players.

Joanne Cheung is a sophomore majoring in Media Studies at Hunter College. She is intrigued by the media’s ability to communicate with the masses-through newspapers, television, and the Internet. Joanne is expanding her expertise by taking a variety of production courses, including studio art and magazine writing. She plans to study digital photography in Florence this summer with hopes of gaining a stronger foundation in media design and computer technology. Currently, Joanne is working on several promotional videos and installation projects.

Gloria To is a lower senior attending Hunter College. She is 21 years old and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. After she transferred to Hunter College in the beginning of her second semester of her freshman year, she was unsure of what she wanted to do with her life. Since she couldn’t decide on a major, she continued taking General Requirement classes. Until the beginning of her junior year, she decided to major in Media. She always had a passion for animation, magazine writing, journalism and the entertainment world. She is currently taking Magazine Writing and Public Relation classes, which she is very fond of. She hopes to pursue a career in one of these fields. Although she is unsure now, she will have a clear answer when the semester is over.

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