Stepping Sounds

By Ming & Ben & Christopher

Project Description
Many important aspects of everyday life get sidelined in human consciousness. As children we were taught to chew. Speaking came through the efforts of listening and imitating. And we went through a long process of falling and stumbling in between crawling and walking. These learned abilities are now second nature to us and are given little thought when executed. Our project is meant to help bring movement and walking to the forefront of the brain in a fun and humorous manor.

When the user walks through our project her movement will be accompanied by a string of sounds and words. The faster she moves the louder and more numerous the sounds. If she strolls through at a snails pace the sounds become infrequent and less audible. The goal is to bring about awareness of her movement by having it represented through sound. She will undoubtedly hear the various effects and come to the conclusion that they correspond to the way she moves. Our project is essentially a sound generator that uses the movement of users in a given space to play various sound clips. Using two distance sensors placed perpendicular to each other, X and Y coordinates will be gathered and input into a formula that triggers unique sounds for given sets of coordinates. These sensors will be placed at waist level so as to collect proper readings of the user’s location. There will be four categories of sounds: animals, instruments, words pertaining to walking (such as “move it,” “excuse me,” and “watch out”), and various sound effects (glass breaking, car horn, a spring). These will be randomly spaced throughout the interactive space so that when a user walks through they will hear and array of differing noises.

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