By Gilbert Rodriguez
Welcome to a new world of sound and video manipulation.

Project Description
I have created a Max/MSP patch that will allow the user to choose a video and sound clip and manipulate the files to create extreme sounds and video images. The user can select from a library of sound and video clips, play them back to see and heat their video/audio mix.

My name is Gilbert Rodriguez, mid 40’s, married and living in Queens, NY. I am working on completing my BA degree in Media Studies, finally. My start at Hunter as a transfer student was to major in Theater, but as it became difficult to schedule the classes and have a full time job I opted to switch my major to Media Studies because of my interest in digital media. I have over 25 years experience in print publishing, primarily in Magazine publishing, but I currently work in Educational publishing for The McGraw-Hill Companies on elementary school books. Mix a cool sound and video piece for your own video player. Push the limits of the sound and video files Explore new dimensions in the altering of sound and video clips.