Mak Mess

By Michael Medina & Kamil Stefaniak & Kawsar Ali

Project Description
Our project enables the user to interact via webcam by tracking color. The webcam would track a specific color on the glove and follow its motion. Whatever the user chooses to draw in the air would be read by the program we created and sent through the projector and shown on a large screen. The user is in control of what her or she draws. In addition to the drawing, music would also play along with the movement of the color. When the user is done they would click on a button to clear their drawing allowing the next user to experience the project.
The clues for the user would occur when they pass by the project. They would see the large screen and drawings filled and see others using the project and maybe be tempted to become involved. It is interactive and engaging people can interact with the exhibit by expressing themselves. It would be a minimalist design with a simple interface. Our project is about the interaction between people and the surrounding environment. People should visit our project because it allows them to have fun and feel like a kid again.

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