Laser Says

By Justin Weber Hernandez

Project Description:

Ever wondered how it feels to be in a workplace, to be constantly ordered around, to have little to no space for marginal errors? We as people end up becoming a robot, constantly getting programmed to do as we are told with little to no failure. Laser Says is a less stressful way of displaying this constant anxiety that we get in the workplace through a fun game of Simon Says. We all know how Simon says works, you match the color that is selected by the computer, and with every sequence you get right, the task becomes more difficult. This version of Simon says puts the players to the test as the stress of being incorrect slowly begins to consume them. Point the Laser at the correct color corresponding to that of the computer and have fun. : )


Justin Weber Hernandez is an aspiring game designer and programmer with a strong background in art. He has a deep passion for creating visually stunning games that not only entertain players but also stimulate their imaginations. Storytelling in previous games influenced his career choice with the ways in which players are able to connect with characters and interact with the environment. With an intermediate background in coding and an advanced background in art, Justin seeks to create live art in the form of games. He also searches for new mediums to broaden his knowledge of technology for new fun, stunning and memorable ways of sharing these experiences.