Ephemeral Artistry

By Rachel Jungeun Oh

Project Description

Ephemeral Artistry challenges conventional art expectations, inviting its audience to become essential to its artistic expression. From the outset, this installation encourages audiences to delve into their creativity and contribute to its dynamic evolution, thus transcending the typical observer-artwork relationship. Participants’ movements are captured and transformed into surreal projections of simple node patterns representing the energy flow.

This unique and captivating installation intertwines Max/MSP/Jitter software, short-throw projectors, and a webcam, creating an intricate synergy that breathes life into its enchanting visuals. With every passing moment, the audience can expect to discover novel pathways, merging the sensory elements of sight, and motion into an alluring and multi-dimensional tapestry.

Ephemeral Artistry’s visual composition flawlessly aligns with its interactive nature, enveloping participants in an entrancing simple shapes, and patterns as they explore the space. Whatever their style or pace, individuals are encouraged to immerse themselves in the installation fully, as their actions continually contribute to the artwork’s ever-changing landscape.

Ephemeral Artistry’s allure lies in its ability to give every participant a sense of ownership and influence over the creative process. This connective and captivating installation offers the opportunity for diverse audiences to join in celebrating the beauty of improvisation, movement, and collaboration as they journey through the awe-inspiring world that arises from the innovative fusion of technology and art.


Rachel Jungeun Oh is a Korean-born New media artist who merges technology and interactive installation art to create transgenre works that integrate various mediums and challenge viewers to think imaginatively, expressing her vision for technology-enabled artwork that reflects upon current cultural issues and inspires societal change by bridging the gap between people’s visual senses with soundscapes and movement, bringing diverse elements together into immersive works that strike an emotional chord within the viewer’s mind.