KALEIDOSCOPE: Observation of Beautiful Forms

By: Lior Mamon

Project Description:

“KALEIDOSCOPE: observation of beautiful forms” is an interactive video art, living only in the realm of the web. It follows both geographically and visually, the evolution and development of human settlements patterns, and the transformation it forces on the natural environment. Desolate sand, land and vegetation are replaced by small villages and suburbs, which in turn morph into concrete-densed megacities, as depicted in the satellite imagery.  The images are digitally mirrored and reflected to create the optical illusion of a kaleidoscope, whose rotation is induced by the changing number of observers. The concept of observation induced change by quantum physics, in which, by the very act of observing, the observer affects the observed reality. “Kaleidoscope” aspires to echo the same sensation; by observing the project we are actively changing it, and the visuals of an environment heavily shaped by human hands hopefully changes our perception of our impact and contribution.


Lior Mamon is constantly researching the linkage of science and art. She is a Tel Aviv University graduate with a Bsc. degree in geophysics, atmospheric and planetary sciences. Through documentary filmmaking and digital media, she is communicating and visualizing abstract scientific concepts, making them engaging and approachable.